Graduate Thesis Project addressing the emotional needs of users,  assisting in end of life planning through design for behavioral change

Research  •  UX  •  UI  •  Front-end Dev  •  Business Planning
Graduate Thesis exploring how technology can bring meaningful positive change for how individuals approach the topic of death 
Timeframe: 26 weeks - 2 semesters
Assignment: Identify a problem and create a digital product solution using the research skills and methods you have learned throughout the program. Final deliverables include a detailed documentation of method, process and results, including a final presentation with a final coded prototype walk-through.  
Problem: American culture does not openly talk about personal preparations for death, this includes medical wishes, memorialization and final wishes. Despite many products currently on the market and the its importance, there is significant unawareness and usage drop-off observed. Lack of planning has negatively affected individuals and their families. It costs millions in unwanted and unnecessary medical care and services. More importantly, individuals are more likely to suffer undo pain and it adds to the mental burden of grieving survivors. A possible cause of this problem is current platforms do not address the emotional needs of individuals as they begin the planning process or help to initiate dialog. People are interested and crave to hear stories about each other, sharing positive moments and sharing their own experiences.

Hypothesis:  A solution could be a digital space with a guided experience for users to safely explore the topic of death, emotionally preparing them to make future legal, medical and funerary arrangements. This experience introduces storytelling and mindfulness while leveraging techniques of design for behavior change.

Case study coming soon.

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